Funding Plan For The Sea

Funding – Plan of work


Guidelines for Plan of Work


Formatting and page limitations


The Plan of Work should be 20 pages or less. Font size should be 11 point or larger with 1.5 line spacing. Page numbering should be at page bottom, starting with 1, with no page reductions. Organize the proposal such that the Plan of Work follows project Summery form. Submit the documents as a single PDF file with the last name of the principal investigator in the filename.



Sea funding

Clearly state long-term goals and objectives of the proposal thereby reviewing most significant work published in the field. Also include the work of all key project personnel. Describe current status of research in this specific field of science and include preliminary data relevant to research proposal. All cited work should be referenced.


Rationale and significance

Present the rationale, objectives and hypotheses of the proposal. Clearly show how potential long-term sustainability and improvement of National Sea Grant College Program relate to specific objectives.


Research methods


Describe the methodology extensively and how it relates to research questions, hypotheses or objectives. This section should include proposed investigations or experiments in sequence of how they will be performed, techniques to be used, data analysis and interpretation, expected results, means of results application, expected pitfalls, limitations, and a tentative timeline of major steps in the proposal. Illustrate any hazardous materials, activities or procedures and mitigations plan for those hazards.


Results dissemination


Extension and outreach


Identify potential users of information that is being developed and how to communicate results to them. Include plan for results and outreach projects integration. Florida Sea Grant specialists can assist with outreach plans.


Data management


As per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), all environmental data generated from funded projects should be verified and accessible for free within 2 years of project completion. Researchers should show how data will be maintained and shared in order to qualify for Sea Grants funds. Data sharing can be through publications, public accessed data portals or keeping data at your institution. You can also submit data to NOAA – National Centers for Environmental Information but they may charge a fee.


Facilities, equipment and collaboration


Describe all facilities and equipment to be used during the project period. Explain in details the nature of any form of collaboration involved and provide written evidence showing collaborators’ agreement to support.


Include curriculum vitae and publication list for all personnel in the project for identification. This will help reviewers assess experience and competence of the project staff. Also state whether the senior project associiates are supporting the project in terms of funding.Curriculum vitae should only include research and academic credentials and should not be more than 4 pages factoring in publication list.




Include in the proposal any current or pending public, or private, support from senior associates who submit their C.V. committed to support the project. This could be in terms of time or funds. Non-flexible funds received through non-competitive process may be excluded.


Curriculum vitae, list of publication and support do not count in page limit of Plan of Work.


Environmental data definition


NOAA Administrative Order 212-15 defines environmental data as any derived or recorded observations of chemical, physical, geological, geophysical, and biological properties and conditions of atmosphere, oceans, Sun, space environment and solid earth. Also included is social-economic data, metadata, and related documentation. Recorded digital video or audio of Environmental phenomenon, data collected in laboratory or controlled environment on animal measurements is also environmental data.

However, laboratory notebooks, scientific paper drafts, preliminary analyses, future research plans, communication with colleagues, peer review reports, and physical objects are not included in this definition.