Biotechnology Can Reduce Aquaculture Risk

Impacts On Fish Populations

Researchers are looking for new ways to study aquaculture. They want to be able to learn more about this system and use new technology to assist with the production system in the United States. The AquaNic group is using distance learning to provide education for educators, producers, scientists, and the general public. This information is found on the internet and shows how to improve production and business planning when it comes to aquaculture.

Since first posting the information nine years ago this group has 17 million views. The information provided by AquaNic is utilized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture Libraries. This organization has also teamed up with colleges and universities to provide the most accurate and current information.

There is another topic that affects the life of aquatic animals. Largemouth bass and the yellow perch are two important freshwater fish. Over the past couple of years, the number of these fish are rapidly depleting.

The largemouth bass is the most sought-after freshwater fish for the fisherman in the United States. Due to this, there is an increased demand for these fish including fish that are larger in size. Scientists at the Kentucky State University are looking to find the ideal temperature for these fish to grow. They are also being fed a different diet as temperatures in their water changes.

A scientist at the University of Notre Dame has found a way to make an antibody that can be used in the hormones of the yellow perch to measure its GH. This is allowing this fish to be made in hatcheries o help increase the population.

While the production of some species of a is needed, there are other species that are growing so rapidly they are causing harm. The Asian carp are not native to the Mississippi River but has been able to escape from area fish farms and make its way into the river. It is killing the native fish.

Scientists are looking to help stop this problem. They are developing a line of these fish that are sterile to reduce the threat to the local waters. They are using primordial germ cells to do so. This will help make some of the genes inactive and will be able to keep the invaders from taking over the local rivers and killing the native fish.

There are some important factors that aquaculture products are dealing with. The gross sales from aquaculture product have surpassed the $6 million mark. The lender knows that this is an important part of agriculture practices and this is allowing them to develop more complete business plans. If a producer is eligible to receive assistance from the Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points, they will be able to comply with food safety regulations.

In addition to these businesses, aspects aquaculture is helping education as well. There are at least 11 extension educators that can provide individualized assistance. They also provide education through workshops and conversations. Aquaculture programs are even available to high school students. This will give them more information about their field and allow them to consider it as a college major. There is a website for those looking for more information. The AquaNic is maintained to provide information to scientists and others that would like more information about aquaculture.