Crazy Ocean Facts (You Probably Didn’t know)

When you take a look at a globe, you will notice that 70% of our beautiful planet is covered with water. That means that human beings only live in 30% of the earth!


There are very many plants and animals that live in the ocean. In the early years, no one thought that there could be life deep down the sea as sunlight cannot penetrate to such deep levels.


Little did they know that there are all kinds of living animals and plants living beneath the sea! They live in an environment where human beings cannot survive.


Isn’t it great to discover that life can exist in different kinds of environments? Deep down the sea exists an entirely different environment, almost like a different world. It is simply fascinating!


What You Should Know About the Deep Blue Seas


Our globe has five oceans namely:

  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Indian Ocean
  4. Arctic Ocean
  5. Southern Ocean


To remember the oceans based on their sizes, from biggest to smallest, the initials, P.A.I.A.S will help you.


Now, let us learn some more about these oceans, starting from the biggest to the smallest:


1) Pacific Ocean


This is the biggest ocean in the world, and it occupies more than 30% of the surface of the earth. The term ‘Pacific’ was derived from the Latin word ‘Pacificus’ which means ‘peaceful’ in English.


However, the Pacific Ocean is not considered to be peaceful as there are still active volcanoes that occur in the Pacific basin. These volcanoes have led to the occurrence of major volcanic eruptions and severe earthquakes.


According to researchers, the lowest point on earth is located in the Pacific Ocean and is referred to as the Challenger Deep. The largest coral reef which is known as the Great Barrier Reef is also found in the Pacific Ocean.


2) Atlantic Ocean


The Atlantic Ocean takes second place in terms of the biggest oceans in the world. It is located between a number of continents, namely; Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. This ocean is approximately half the size of the Pacific Ocean.


There are different types of sharks such as the Thresher Shark in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the longest mountain range on earth, known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, spreads from Antarctica to Iceland beneath the Atlantic Ocean waters.


3) Indian Ocean


The Indian Ocean is located between Asia, Africa, and Australia. To the South, it extends towards Antarctica.


This Ocean has the most extensive breeding grounds to support and sustain certain animals such as the humpback whales. The Coelacanth, a type of fish that had been declared extinct, was also found in the Indian Ocean waters between Madagascar and Mozambique.


The Northern part of the Indian Ocean is considered to be the most important route that is used to transport oil as it connects the oil-rich countries in the Middle East to Asia.


4) Arctic Ocean


This ocean is located around the Northern Pole which is across the Arctic Circle. During winter, most parts of the Arctic Ocean are covered with ice. Polar bears are also common in this region as they live on the Arctic ice.


5) Southern Ocean


The Southern Ocean is found across the Antarctic Circle around the South Pole. Wandering Albatrosses and Emperor Penguins live in this region.

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