10 Easy Ways That You Can Save the Ocean

1. Lower Your Carbon Footprint


Start walking to work, buy a more fuel-efficient car, or an electric vehicle to greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Flying contributes to a quarter of a person’s yearly carbon emissions — try to fly less, perhaps take a train instead. Eating less meat — especially if the meat is beef — could also significantly reduce your carbon footprint and consequently help to save the ocean.


2. Eat Only Sustainably Sourced Seafood


Unsustainable fishing is leading to record low numbers of fish. When purchasing fish, look for brands which advertise their sustainable fishing practices. Also, all EU sourced seafood must abide by the EUs strict fishing quotas, which could be one thing to look out for when trying to eat better.


3. Use Less Plastic


Plastic often ends up making its way into the ocean and kills tens of thousands of marine animals every single year. Using fewer plastic products is dead simple: you can use a refillable water bottle and re-use containers. Lots of the plastic that we throw away could easily be replaced with reusable products!


4. Look After Your Local Beach


Make sure that you clean up after yourself every time you visit your local beach, as beach waste can be extremely dangerous to marine animals. Make sure that you explore the ocean without having an effect on the local wildlife, too.


5. Watch What You Buy!


Many seemingly innocuous items harm or kill animals as part of their manufacturing process. Coral jewellery, accessories made from tortoiseshells and products that are made out of shark’s teeth are common offenders, but there are many others to watch out for!


6. Don’t Forget Your Pets


You need to be checking that the food that you give to your pets is sustainbly sourced too — it could be having a negative effect on the oceans if it is not. Make sure that you do not release aquarium fish into the wild: this can upset the ocean ecosystem, and make sure that you do not flush cat litter, which can have harmful unintended consequences to ocean life.


7. Help Organisations Fighting to Protect the Ocean


There are countless organisations whose mission is to protect the ocean. You could support these organisations financially, or you could potentially even volunteer for them and help directly. Local beach protection groups also exist, which you could consider signing up for.


8. Contact Your Local Politicians


You can make a big difference by putting pressure on politicians directly. For example, if a local politician is a climate-change denier, sending them letters and notices to change their policy could have an impact on your country’s ocean protection policies.


9. Be Careful When Using Boats


Make sure that you never throw any waste into the ocean when you are on boats, this is totally unacceptable! Be aware that there could be marine life around you at any time! Also, if you’re interested in going on a cruise, make sure that you choose the option which will be the most environmentally-friendly.


10. Learn More


The internet is a fantastic resource where you could find millions of articles and websites educating you on how to better protect the ocean and marine life. Make the most of this! Learn additional information on what you can do, the small changes you can make and larger ones. Or, try to inspire others using the internet by posting articles or information yourself which others can learn from.

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