Water Education No Matter What Age

Teaching Water Education For Our Future

Learning about water is quite important both for students and other people in the society. As a result, Michigan Water Savers offer a range of programs that provide real-world experiences to graduates and also adult professionals like water resource managers, farmers etc. This information is important to professionals who are looking for more information about aquaculture, invasive species and water quality among other topics. Therefore, at Michigan Water Savers, we have programs for both adults and young people depending on what you are looking for. Since we are offering water education, one of our main objectives is to help people understand water problems and potential solutions linked to water issues. However, you can only solve water problems if you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and that’s what we are providing.

What do we offer?
• We offer water educational programs to both young people and adults on a range of topics such as water contamination and water conservation.
• Web-based water education. This is done to help those people who are far or cannot be able to attend the programs we offer. It is quite simple because we have several websites where you can visit and learn more about water issues.
• If you deal with exotic species, we can help you access the necessary information required to rear or handle the species. It is not easy to handle exotic species especially if it is your first time, therefore, you can either avail to one of the programs or visit our website for more information.
• We hold professional conferences where we equip teachers with new ideas for the classroom. If you are a professional teacher for kids, graduates or for adults, you can attend one of our conferences to benefit from knowledge and skills offered.
• We teach youth’s water-related issues in our major educational events. These events are held at different times of the year. Hence, you can visit our website or come to our programs to know the date of the next event.
• Through our publications, we improve the knowledge about coastal issues. Some of the issues we include in our publications include beach watch, exotic species and water issues. Such publications play a big role in conserving our coastal region, maintaining the ecosystem and enlightening the people about water conservation.
• We assist vocational agriculture teachers with aquaculture education resources so that they can help high school students.
• To create a link between educators and scientists, we have developed a standard-science based curriculum that has 41 innovative activities. These activities vary and can be executed by young people as well as adults depending on their objectives. However, the main objective of the curriculum is to educate the people more about water issues and how to conserve their surroundings.

Water is a basic necessity for plants and animals. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a man to take necessary measures to prevent pollution or misuse of the resource. Some of our featured products include the community stewardship projects on exotic species, 7 ways Aquatic exotics are spread, an educational flipchart on contaminants in both sea and fish food. Bottom-line, if you are knowledgeable about water issues and exotic species, you can easily understand how to solve the problem and avoid associated risks.